Our Herbalife Story - Part 1 - April 10th 1987

Our Herbalife Story - Part 1 - April 10th 1987

Posted by Paul Hopfensperger on 28th Feb 2019

April 10th 1987 was a truly momentous day in my life. It was the day I was introduced to the Diet and Nutrition Industry, Personal Development and without doubt, changed the direction of my life in more ways than I could have possibly imagined.

Arriving home from work as a 24 year old self-employed Mechanical Engineering Draughtsman, I greeted my neighbour Teresa who was standing on her doorstep chatting to a man about the same age as me. His car was parked in the street and on the side was a sticker which said "Herbalife". Being polite I asked a question which changed my life. "What's Herbalife?" I innocently asked. That was all the cue he needed to come over and chat to me.

He was wearing an extremely large white badge on his lapel which said "Lose Weight Now, Ask Me How!" on it in large red and black letters. "My name's Colin Hiles from Ware in Hertfordshire and I'm a Herbalife Distributor" he said. He then went through what I now know to be a well rehearsed pitch to tell me about the range of Herbalife health and nutrition products and to recruit me into his business. Intrigued, I invited him into my house where my then partner of just over 7 years, Alison, and I had been living since October 1986 and he handed me a VHS Video as it was back in those days. We sat on my sofa, I poured myself a glass of Stella Artois, and we sat back to watch. What I saw next not only blew me away, it got me very excited, but I can only say that I had absolutely no idea what it was all about or still what Herbalife actually was, all I knew was that I was excited by it, was intrigued by how excited I was, and was going on holiday two days later. 

Little did I know what was going to happen to me while I was away on holiday.

To be continued...   

Paul Hopfensperger

Herbalife Independent Distributor since 1987